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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Seems like everybody's talking about transparency these days and DPPL is no exception. When I first began working here in 2007, one of my first impressions of the library Web site was that it provided no information whatsoever on the staff and how a person might contact someone! We've come a long way since then. Our "Contact Us" page has important phone numbers and email addresses for departments and staff members. If you have a specific concern and are not sure to whom it should be addressed, you can read about our department heads and contact them from an additional page. Many of our library trustees have made their email addresses accessible, as well.

You may be aware that our Board of Trustees meetings, generally held on the third Tuesday of the month, in the evening, are open to the public. The previous month's meeting is also available for viewing on Cable Channel 24, on a DVD available for checkout at the 4th floor reference desk and online through our Vimeo channel:

Board meeting minutes are also published on our Web site
once they have been approved - this generally means waiting until the following month's meeting date.We have just added the current monthly financial report to the meeting minutes page.

As always, this blog, PlainTalk, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts remain excellent sources of library news and don't forget our weekly e-newsletter. Our "What's New" page gathers much of that information together and includes the latest local news articles about DPPL.

Last week, a patron stopped in to share his feelings with me about our new catalog, BiblioCommons, which we hope to roll out next month. He asked me why I hadn't been telling the public about the new catalog - but I have been writing about it here and on Facebook for months. We have eliminated the printed library newsletter to help keep our expenses down so we hope you will make use of our Web site and other online services to keep informed. Need to know? Just stop in and ask. We'll keep doing everything we can to become a more transparent and responsive community organization.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Who Do You Love? See the video!

Thanks to all of you who submitted these beautiful and inspiring photos so we could make a little tribute to you, in honor of Valentine's Day. If you want to see it in a larger resolution, visit our YouTube channel.
We like to make a little fuss over Valentine's Day here at DPPL because, well, because we like Valentine's Day but also because year after year, "love stories" is the most popular topic in our library catalog - which means you probably like Valentine's, too. Have a great weekend.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Remembering - good for the mind and spirit

First, a reminder: there is still time to send us a photo of your beloved for our Valentine's Day "Who Do Ya Love?" video project. Email a photo (jpeg preferred) to me, Karen McBride, at
Photos resized to 1024 X 768 work best but I will work with whatever you have. Please send them in by the end of the day on Thursday, February 10, 2011. Why do we make a big deal about Valentine's Day here at DPPL? Because year after year, our most searched subject heading is "Love Stories." So we know there are some romantics out there in Des Plaines.

If romance isn't your style, however, we have other events & programs lined up for our "Remember" theme. Here are a few examples - visit our "Remember" Web page for complete details.

For kids - Let's Get Scrappy! - Save your special memories and photos! A staff member from Archiver's in Niles will show how fun and easy scrapbooking can be as you create your first scrapbooking page. Please bring photos of one person, theme, or event. Remember that photos may be cut/decorated/glued to the page.
Two sessions on Monday, February 21, 2011 (Presidents' Day).
Use the links below to register.
Students in grades 3-5, 1-2:30 PM
Students in grades 6-8, 3-4:30 PM

Music Lovers, don't miss:
The Neverly Brothers: A Rock 'N Roll Evolution! - Sunday, February 20, 2011 from 2-3:30 PM;

Weavermania! In Concert - Sunday, March 20, 2011 from 2-3 PM.
Register today - our free Sunday concerts are popular!

TV Fans And Lovers of Pop Culture, don't miss:
Television Commercials...But First, A Word From Our Sponsor! - Thursday, February 23, 2011, 7-8 PM.

There's more - visit the Remember site today and keep checking back as we add new events. From the library Web site, just click the "Remember" link in the left-hand column. As my life goes on, I realize that there's a lot of comfort, happiness and fun in getting nostalgic and looking back in simpler times. If you agree, then let DPPL help you Remember.