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Friday, August 17, 2007

Last night an ice cream cone saved my life

No, not really, but I bet I got your attention with THAT headline. We didn't have much luck getting you to talk about books and movies, so let's go back to food, a topic we simply can't live without!

Since I started working in Des Plaines a few months ago, I've been trying to stick to my typical diet. However, working smack in the middle of a busy, colorful city means that all kinds of food emporiums call out to me as I labor in the glare of a computer monitor - and lately, when they call, they're calling about ice cream.

I blame Kaffeccino's, the neat little cafe located almost right next door to the Library. My coworkers can often be found nibbling on Kaffeccino's hot and crispy panini sandwiches along with all kinds of other treats. Finally, I decided to investigate this business for myself, when I saw it -- the ice cream case in the back of Kaffeccino's, with one item sweetly labeled "Toasted coconut." Kaffeccino's sells a local brand of ice cream called "Homer's," and wow, is it delicious. They also have that wondrous excuse for eating an even larger portion of ice cream, innocently named the "waffle cone." I still recall with fondness bordering on giddiness a waffle cone, crammed with 3 scoops of dulce de leche, caramel sauce AND whipped cream, which I inhaled while shopping in the streets of Monterey, California. I can also recall my first authentic gelato, in a cozy spot in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Sometimes the ice cream ends up being more memorable than a so-called 4 star meal! I have a serious passion for quality ice cream.

Maybe it was all those summer nights, running after the ice cream truck with a handful of quarters. Maybe it's the seemingly endless variety: chocolate chip, bubble gum, French vanilla, butter pecan, rainbow sherbet, cookie dough...Maybe it's the contrast of crunchy cone and creamy cold goodness (your Web Services Librarian prefers a cone to ice cream in a dish, but hey, if you're buying, I'm not fussy). Whatever it is, I can't get enough of it.

Since my accidental discovery of Toasted Coconut Homer's ice cream at Kaffeccino's in Des Plaines, I've made several trips back for "refills," as it were. I see lots of other ice cream spots in Des Plaines - which is your favorite? What do you order - a cone, sundae, shake, banana split?? Who's got the best toppings, or extras, like cookies and brownies? Don't be stingy - spill your ice cream secrets (but not your ice cream) on us. Use the "Comments" section below to give us your recommendations.

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  1. I like the peppermint from Kaffecino's. Although, if that is black cherry in that pic...I may have to go try it. Have to know if it's better than Baskin-Robbins Cherries Jubilee -- that stuff rocks!


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