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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ho-Hum for Hollywood?

I just started the "Monday Morning Movie Mania" column in this blog when something boring happened - movie ticket sales went into a funk. The idea was to check in with our DPPL patrons every Monday morning and find out what movies they'd seen over the weekend, giving people a chance to post their own reviews and comment on other reviews. We've had a few responses but not many, and part of me wonders if the box office blahs are part of the problem.

Ticket sales are down 6 percent from this time in 2006, according to What's your theory on that downslide? Too many dopey sequels? Too many formulaic stories being told again and again? Tired of the same actors' faces on the big screen several times a year? Annoyed thinking that your $10 ticket helps some millionaire actor buy $300 socks, $1,000 jeans and endless Botox injections? Is it the economy - with gas prices being so outrageous, are even the budget theaters just not, well, in your budget this time around? (This is a good time to remind you that the library has thousands of DVDs that you can check out for free. Nada. Nuttin'. "Rien," as they say in Paris.)

So, you can still share your movie reviews here - you can also share your theories, rants and raves on why movies aren't worth seeing anymore. I'm running a very democratic blog here, so exercise your freedom of speech when it comes to movies - yea or nay? Just type your comments here and don't forget to check back to see if someone has responded to your comments.

Thousands of DVDs. For free. At your library. (P.S. Plus, if the movie ends up being a stinker, you can just shut it off and pop in another one. Try doing that at the theater.)

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  1. Beowulf. Grrrr. Or in Angelina Jolie's case, rrrowwwrrr. This is definitely a movie to see in 3D, as Ben and I did over the weekend at Navy Pier. Very exciting (and bloody - don't bring the kids) on one level, with lots of subtle depth and symbolism on a deeper level. The actors must really perform to be "seen" over the layer of animation, and Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich are outstanding. Ray Winstone's London accent ("nuffink" and I don't "fink" so) caught up with him only once or twice. And the IMAX version is gorgeous; crisp, clear, thrilling.


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