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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold Hands = Warm Heart?

Is it just me, or does that commonly used expression sorta drive you crazy? I know it's usually meant out of kindness - you reach out for a handshake or go to hold a loved one's hand, and your fingers feel like icicles. So they say, "Cold hands, warm heart" to let you know they love you despite your frozen paws.

I suspect that people who have no shelter, or who struggle to pay heating bills every winter, don't find much warmth in their cold hands. The good news is, those of us who are blessed with a little (or a lot) more financial comfort can help warm those cold hands - stop by the Mitten Tree on the second floor of the Library.

You can't miss it - follow the path of candy canes and you'll find a Christmas tree with barrels waiting for your goodies. Since it is the Mitten Tree, there is a barrel for mittens, gloves, hats and scarves . There's another barrel where we're collecting NEW, unopened toys for tikes. The third barrel is for our local Self-Help Closet and Food Pantry. They have a special need for canned foods, dry soups, cereals, pasta, sugar, any other non-perishable food items plus paper goods and diapers in sizes 3, 4 and 5.

Think about it. Almost all of us are experiencing financial strain right now, but sometimes it's an eye-opener to remember: there's always someone worse off than you. Can you spare $5-10 for a new winter cap or gloves, or $10 worth of canned goods? I bet if you went without an expensive cup of coffee or breakfast pastry for a few days, you could do it easily. Please bring what you are able to our Mitten Tree donation area. Mitten Tree and toy donations are being accepted through December 12, 2008. The Self-Help Pantry needs your help year 'round, so when the barrel is moved from the second floor you'll find it in our atrium.

Help someone have warm hands and a warm heart this winter.

The cute (if cold!) doggie picture is from the Web site, "LOLdogs, Dogs n' Puppy Dog Pictures: I Has A Hot Dog." What are LOL dogs? Followers send in digital snaps of their dogs, cats, and other pets doing hilarious things, and readers write their own "dialogue" for the scene. That makes you "LOL" - or, laugh out loud. If you love dogs and need a smile, check it out. (Yes, there's a cat version, too.)

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