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Thursday, July 23, 2009

DP Oakton Street/Elmhurst Road Corridor Study

Curious about the Oakton Street/Elmhurst Road Corridor Study and proposed redevelopment? The Library now has copies of the study available for your perusal. Just ask at the 4th floor Reference Desk.

Some background from the introduction to the study:

"..Des Plaines is a major shipping center for the northwest portion of the Chicagoland region, due in large part to its high level of multi-modal regional access. Downtown Chicago is only 17 miles away and is accessible by Interstate 90 and Metra's Union Pacific-Northwest commuter rail line. Three of the seven Class 1 railroads in North America run through Des Plaines, making it a significant link in freight rail traffic. (PlainTalk note: so that's why I get stuck at a freight train almost every day!) O'Hare International Airport, located adjacent to the city, is an enabler of air-related freight and shipping. Combined, these air, truck, and rail assets have helped define Des Plaines as a worldwide hub for air and rail freight shipments.

The relationship with O'Hare, however, comes with a trade-off. The noise of air traffic patterns often impacts the Des Plaines community. In order to assist local communities in planning for the future quality of life for their residents and businesses, the Federal Aviation Administration, through the Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act, has granted Des Plaines funding for local land use planning. The Oakton Street and Elmhurst Road Corridor Plan, one of the products of this grant, will define land use and redevelopment strategies within the O'Hare noise contour area, and recommend techniques to enhance residents' access to local goods and services."

If that intrigues you and you'd like to get all the details, ask for a copy (in library use only) at the Reference Desk, 4th floor.

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