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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't read this blog!

Just for today, though. I'm stealing a little of PlainTalk's space to introduce you to something new, also in blog form, from the Library - a music blog called "this beat goes on."

DPPL has more than 20,000 CDs in its ever-evolving collections. If you like to sample what is new and unusual in music, borrowing our CDs is a fiscally responsible way to do that. Being able to buy songs online, one at a time, can prevent the buyer's remorse that comes when you love one song and buy the whole album. However, you can even save yourself the 99 cents by borrowing the CD, getting your fill of that one song and then returning it. If you're like me, occasionally an old, long-forgotten song suddenly worms its way back into your brain and won't let go (I'm not being imaginative - they call these "ear worms."). Why not find the song here or from one of our consortial libraries before running out and buying it? Sometimes those old favorites turn out to be less glorious with the test of time.

To help you discover the hidden treasures of our CD collections, David Whittingham from Readers' Services and myself will be introducing you to specific CDs as well as special sections. You can find the blog by visiting, or by clicking on "Great Music" under the "Read/Watch/Listen" menu. I hope that "this beat goes on" inspires you to listen bravely and creatively.

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