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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Help for Local Businesses

When the recession went from theory to reality, late last year, we talked a lot at DPPL about how we could help job seekers and local businesses. One idea of mine was to produce short, informational videos about local businesses and put them online. Then, if a person was Google searching for that type of business in the Des Plaines area, they might find the video, learn about the business and perhaps make a decision that would help stimulate the local economy.

After 7 months of planning and preliminary work, I'm proud to announce that the project is finally open for business, so to speak. We have produced four videos so far and we'll keep adding to the list. It's time consuming but a labor of love for myself and Business Librarian Joanne Griffin. All of the videos are available at our new YouTube channel, DesPlainesBusiness.

Our first video highlighted the DP Chamber of Commerce and Industry, currently celebrating its 75th anniversary. Next we took an in-depth look at accounting and consulting firm Rozovics and Wojcicki. (Yes, one of their partners is a DPPL Board member. For the first few videos, it was helpful to ease in gradually, working with familiar faces who would forgive us for mishaps and less-than-smooth sailing.) Our project took us into the cozy kitchen of Via Roma. Our newest video features Accurate Auto Clinic and you can watch it up above. We'll feature individual videos on the Library Web site or you can check back to the YouTube channel to see what's new.

You'll notice two things when you watch the videos. We've branded each one with a "Des Plaines Means Business" tag line and a bluesy theme song. We've also put some fun into each one, letting our local business owners lighten up and share something unique about their personalities or the way they do business. I'm grateful to the four organizations who have worked with us so far and look forward to a busy 2010, making more videos. I'm also extremely thankful to my colleague Joanne, who knows all of these business owners from her involvement with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry and who makes my job much easier by arranging the logistics of each shoot. Know a local business owner that might be interested in a short, promotional video? Email me with the details.

Your public library is a lot more than books, videos and programs for children. How can we help you get to where you want to be in 2010 and beyond?

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