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Monday, September 20, 2010

How Green Can You Go?

Yeah, I know - you're sick of people talking about "going green." When something becomes so pervasive in our culture, it seems trendy or phony and ultimately passé at a certain point. I am the not-always-successful chair of the Library's "Green Team," and believe me it is not an easy job keeping my coworkers mindful of and enthusiastic about green behavior. Nevertheless...DPPL has been charged with the task of setting a good example of green community building for other libraries around the state. We do what we can here in our building, from the reusable tote bags we sell to our extensive recycling center in the staff lunchroom. We offer lots of green-related programs and resources to our patrons. If you saw us at Taste of Des Plaines a few months ago, we were interviewing residents, trying to find the greenest people in Des Plaines.

Not over-the-top green like, "I wear clothes I make myself out of old disposable diapers." We're looking for people who have discovered that doing things in simpler, old-fashioned, sensible ways can have a positive impact on health, environment and even the financial bottom line. You recycle and reuse. You trade and barter for items rather than buying. You use a rain barrel and CFL bulbs, maybe even solar panels and a composter. You use a push mower, you hang your clothes to dry, you bring your own shopping basket to the grocery store. You walk or ride your bike as much as possible. Are you that person? What about your spouse, your partner, your kids, your neighbor? Would you like to be part of a short film we are making on people living a greener, better life in Des Plaines? Please contact us - we would love to interview you and include your story in the film we are making to present to other libraries and to the community at large. For more information and to be included in this project, please call Heather Imhoff, our Head of Public Information Services, at 847-376-2792.

P.S. The picture above was taken at Des Plaines' own Big Bend Lake. Our city is fortunate to have many beautiful, open spaces where people can enjoy the fresh air and some natural scenery.

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