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Friday, March 9, 2012

Inside Writing and Publishing

Maybe your story goes something like mine. I started to write creatively in high school and took it very seriously in college. I filled notebook after notebook with short stories, sketches, and observations (which now sit in a box in my basement). Despite all of this activity, I never had to courage to publish anything.

Then "adult" life took over and suddenly writing took a back seat in my life. Finding time to devote to being creative isn't easy, particularly with so many demands and distractions. One of the writers I enjoy most, the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope, had a solution for this very problem:
I found it to be expedient to bind myself by certain self-imposed laws.
Discipline, in other words, was the key for someone who published well over forty-seven novels in the lifetime (yes, 47!).

That's why the events we have lined up for the "Inside Writing and Publishing" series are so exciting. By offering a series of workshops and seminars, you will learn valuable tools and tricks to get your creative energies going and, more importantly, to sustain them.

Next Thursday, novelist Allie Pleiter will lead a workshop here called "Getting it Done: Plans, Goals, and Models for Writers". So, if your creativity needs a little urging and structuring, I encourage you to register for the program and go forth and write. Trollope would be proud.

Click here to register for "Getting it Done: Plans, Goals, and Models for Writers"

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