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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Poem for Des Plaines (and the library)

This Sunday, the library will wrap up Poetry Month with two events—Poetry Play and Poetry Play Celebration. Come by to hear poets read their poems, to make your own poems, and to share the love of rhythm, rhyme, and meter.

Kids will get a chance to meet the acclaimed children's author and poet, Janet Wong. Janet's poems have appeared in many publications and other unexpected places. She has won numerous awards during her career.

To help prepare for the event on Sunday, Janet graciously provided a few examples of several types of poems—an acrostic, haiku, and list poem. Kids will use these poems to help them create their own versions. When our children's librarian, Sara, opened the example list poem, she found an unexpected surprise. Janet had written a poem about Des Plaines and the library:

Click for the full version

What was Sara's response? She told me, "What an honor! Unfortunately, we won’t be serving French fries this Sunday, but it should be a fabulous day in every other regard."

P.S. There a many fine examples of list poems, but perhaps the most famous is Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart, a 18th century poet.

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