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Friday, November 9, 2012

We're a Star Library!

Every year the publication Library Journal compares libraries around the country to create their Star Libraries list. We're happy to say that the Des Plaines Public Library is one of 20 Star Libraries in Illinois and one of 5 in the area.

Being a Star Library

What does being on the list mean? The Star Library list looks at four key things that libraries do:
  • library visits 
  • circulation 
  • program attendance
  • public Internet computer use
They measure how much of these things libraries do relative to their size and budget and rate the libraries. The Library Journal is quick to point out that the Star scores don't rate the quality or impact of these services. The scores "measure the levels of library service delivery relative to peer libraries nationally." (Star List FAQ). Being on the list means that we offer a lot of materials, programs, and services to you. Of course, it also means that a lot of you use what we offer!

The LJ Star List
Looking at the Numbers

To put the Star List rankings in context, here are some numbers from 2011 that indicate everything we do here at the library:
We had 598,389 people visit the library.

We circulated 1,176,477 items and 6,022 eMaterials.

We had 17,273 people come to our programs.

Our public computers were used 107,123 times and our public wifi was used 55,673  times.
And we did all of this while reducing the tax levy! 

So, the upshot is that we are working to be an efficient library that continues to offer you a wide range of materials and services. Based on the numbers, it seems like we're doing a pretty good job. What do you think?


  1. I'm really proud of our neighborhood library. It has excellent free programs, such as the Spirit of the Eagle Lakota Sioux presentation I attended on Nov. 4, 2012, and the Aug. 19, 2012, Vienna Waltz Ensemble. Such valuable educational events are rare, costly or less conveniently located elsewhere, and bring the whole world to a diverse audience that is hungry for knowledge.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! We love our community.


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