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Friday, January 11, 2013

New MyMediaMall Makes Downloading eBooks Better

Downloading eBooks just got easier (and nicer looking) with the new MyMediaMall. If you go to MyMediaMall now, you'll find a visually rich, an easy to navigate experience, and the ability to read right in your browser (plus all of the familiar features). Let's take a closer look at the new MyMediaMall.

MyMediaMall's new homepage
Right at the top you'll see a list of helpful categories to browse. You'll also see lists of titles that are popular on MyMediaMall right now. You can click directly on one of these covers or use the ribbons below the cover to remember the item for later.

Browsing a list of books with the new MyMediaMall
Here's a list of "all eBook fiction." One of the best new features is prominent "Available Now" button. Clicking this shows you everything that is available for download. The filters to the left are easier to use now too.

Viewing books in the new MyMediaMall
When you click on a book, you get a very nice display showing the cover, information about the book and related picks. The "Borrow" button is front and center, enticing you to read the selection, in this case Haruki Murakami's 1Q84.

The new bookshelf makes downloading and reading online easier
I selected the book to borrow and can view my bookshelf. The bookshelf makes it easy to see what you have checked out, when it expires, and how to read the content. In this case, you can read 1Q84 right in the browser by selecting "Read (for your browser)" or download it for Kindle.

The newest feature--reading in your browser!
The in-browser reading experience is pretty nice. Here's the first page of the book. There are options for resizing the text, changing the line spacing, just like an eReader.

We think that the redesigned MyMediaMall is a great improvement. It is bright and visual, easier to navigate, easier to return items early, and easier to fill your basket and begin reading. So, go to now and look for MyMediaMall to get started!


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