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Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Ways to Show Your Library Love

National Library Week (April 14th to 20th) is a great time to show your library love and here are five great ways to do it.

1. Sign up for the eForward newsletter

Each week our eForward newsletter keeps you informed about library events, services, and more. Go to our website and sign up now. Be sure to share the love! Forward the newsletter to your friends (and encourage them to sign up too!).

2. Like us and follow us

We love staying connected with you. If you're on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr, be sure to add us to your list of friends, followers, likes, whatever. And speak up! Let us know what you're reading. Tell us about a fun program you attended. We're listening!

3. Tell your friends about events

When you're signing up for a program or event, be sure to tell your friends. The events calendar makes it very easy to "like" an event on Facebook and let others know about the film you'll see, or the lecture you're attending. Be social! Your friends will thank you.

4. Donate to the Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library are volunteers who raise money, assist with programs, and fund special programs and equipment. Supporting the Friends is easy. You can sign up to become a member at the library. You can shop at the seasonal book sales (and give them your used books). Or you can give to them directly. Either way, you're helping the Friends make the library a special place. Learn more about the Friends on our website.

5. Join the library's Board of Trustees

For the civic minded among you, why not apply to join our Board of Trustees? Write to the mayor's office and indicate your interest (and send a resume too). You can help guide decisions about policy and procedures to ensure the library's continued success. Board positions will be opening this summer.

Thanks for the love! We really appreciate it.

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