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Friday, May 3, 2013

Are you ready to Go?

This summer we want you to Go with us. Go to real and imagined places in books and movies. Go to the past; go to the future. Go swimming and running and playing. Go to the library. Go to the lake. Go somewhere you've never been. Just Go!

Here are a few things to look for this summer as you're planning all the ways you can Go with the library.

Summer Reading Clubs

Our Summer Reading Clubs for kids, teens, and adults will kickoff in a about a month. Stay tuned to our Go page for official start dates and more details. There will be great prizes and awards in store for everyone. The theme for this year's reading clubs is "Have Book Will Travel." Indeed.

Favorite Places

Google Streetview let's you go just about anywhere, so why not take a virtual trip to some of our favorite places. Just visit our Go Places page. Every few days we'll feature a new favorite place to explore. Currently, you can explore Stinson Beach and Muir Woods in California.

Events and Programs

We have tons of Go themed events this summer. We'll feature special programs on the Go page. You can also get notifications about programs in your email here.

Vacation Loans

Finally, if you're planning to Go somewhere near or far, don't forget to ask about vacation loans. We can extend the due date for most materials. Going is great, but coming back to late fines is a drag. See our loan policies page for more details.

That's it. Have a fun and safe summer. And let us know where you plan to Go in the comments.

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