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Friday, December 20, 2013

Read the world's breaking news with Library Press Display

This month we're featuring Library Press Display, your online portal to the world's news. Library Press Display gathers together thousands of papers from around the world. They're searchable and readable right from your computer (yes, you can do this from home).

Where did that article come from?

If you have used other resources to find newspaper articles, you know that it's easy to get the text, but harder to understand how the article originally appeared in the paper. I really like to see how the article was laid out, what appeared around it.

Library Press Display really excels in this area. Not only can you click on a story and read it, but you can see the full page spread too.

A little bit of fun stuff too

Of course you'll find breaking news and all of the world's sad stories in Library Press Display. But you can also come across fun stuff like crossword puzzles. You can even view all of the daily horoscopes from over 350 papers!

Truly the world's news

If one word describes Library Press Display for me, it would be "wordly." I feel more connected to far flung places browsing and reading through it. The great thing, especially for our community, is that you can read so many papers in their original languages.

Give it a try today!

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