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Friday, June 29, 2007

Getting our ducks in a row...

On my morning commute today, I saw something quite unusual. We were sailing along, eastbound on I-90, when traffic slammed to a halt. Nothing unusual there - three squad cars, a scraped-up semi-truck and a badly smashed sedan. Somebody's Friday was getting off to a bad start. We crawled past the accident scene then collectively put the pedal to the metal once again - only to slow down again about a mile past the accident!

I'm sure I muttered some choice words under my breath and glanced at the clock for the eighteenth time. Then I saw the unusual thing. This slow-down was caused by a group of drivers who had pulled onto the center shoulder and left their cars to protect a flock of geese or ducklings (I couldn't tell from my vantage point) that were trapped in the middle of the expressway. I'm not sure what they could do for those little birds, but there was something touching about their willingness to drop what they were doing and attempt a rescue. If it makes the news tonight, or if you happen to be one of those rescuers, let me know what happened, okay?

What does this have to do with the PlainTalk blog? Well, it lets you know that the conversation is going to flow pretty freely and spontaneously! Seeing that careful rescue operation also reminded me to caution you about Internet safety. Feel free to post your comments anonymously - if you want to personalize your post, add your first name or a screen name. Please do not include:
  1. your address or telephone number;
  2. your email address - it isn't necessary;
  3. any other personal identifiers, like your library card number or Social Security Number.
In addition, we ask children under 13 to get a parent or guardian's permission before posting anything to PlainTalk.

Otherwise, our guidelines are pretty simple - you can click on the "PlainTalk Terms and Conditions" link in the Sidebar for the specifics. See you Monday morning for our first PlainTalk post - have a great weekend!

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