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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We're Almost Ready!

Just four more days until the PlainTalk blog opens its virtual doors! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by so far, sending emails and comments and cheering us on.

That's a view of downtown Des Plaines, taken from the Des Plaines Public Library's lovely outdoor terrace. (Didn't know we had a terrace? Stop by and check it out on our 4th floor.) Here in the library we feel privileged to have this very central location and bird's-eye view of the city, so it seems only natural that our new PlainTalk blog will celebrate the very best of what makes Des Plaines a unique and vibrant community.

PlainTalk makes its debut Monday, July 2, 2007. How about a little homework for the coming weekend? Monday's topic will So consider that your permission slip for some carb-heavy, extra greasy pizza-eating over the next few days! Don't worry - we'll work it off together at the Fourth of July Parade.

Look for the library staff in the Fourth of July parade, including the debut of our awesome Book Cart Drill Team. And don't forget -- look for PlainTalk on Monday, July 2, 2007!

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  1. Friday night is pizza night at our house and Guiseppe's in Des Plaines is our current favorite. We've been going to the restaurant for decades. It's family run and family friendly. Pizza with sausage, onion and peppers - and occasionally garlic. Or maybe bacon, pineapple, and barbeque sauce. (I know some won't consider that real pizza.)


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