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Friday, October 5, 2007

Our Very Own "History Channel..."

...without those silly reenactments featuring modern guys dressed up like cavemen.

With our Centennial Celebration taking place this Sunday, October 7, 2007, (1-4 p.m.) we've discovered that our community has a genuine interest in the history of the library, as well as its future. Keeping that in mind, we thought you might enjoy a short video "tour" of our colorful past - from a time when the Des Plaines Public Library was open 8 hours as week to the present day, when Web services (like this blog) allow us to reach you 24/7.

This history slideshow began life as a Powerpoint presentation, but thanks to technology (and my Macbook - hooray), it reaches you now as this online video. Take a close look at some of the photographs - is that you in our Children's Room or in the lobby of the library that was part of City Hall? Were you one of the Scouts who helped the library move by wheeling books around in grocery carts? Can you spot your Mom, your Grandfather, a good friend? If you recognize yourself or someone else, post a comment here - we'd love to hear from you and find out more about the friendly faces in these pictures. If you want to share your library memories with us in a more permanent way, you can stop by the Memory Book table this Sunday at our Carnival, or click here to leave your memories on our Web site.

So watch the video and learn more about our history, then come out on Sunday afternoon and help us celebrate our Centennial right here in the present. Know that we'll be here for you in the years to come, with the books, computers, meeting rooms, storytimes, events, online resources, CDs, DVDs, and comfy reading chairs you've come to expect, along with new & surprising services and resources we're planning for the future.

This history presentation was written and narrated by library staff member Margie Borris. The photos were edited by our Webmaster, Kathy Kyrouac, and come to you courtesy of the Des Plaines History Center and our own library archives. I did a bunch of technical stuff to make it look & sound pretty, then moved it to its new online home. (You can also watch it on our YouTube channel, PlainTalk TV)

See you Sunday!

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