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Monday, October 22, 2007

You talked - we listened

Hello readers. You may recall that back in September, the library asked the Des Plaines community to give us some honest feedback concerning the city, its services and particularly its library. The survey was designed to assist the library's Board of Trustees and department heads in writing new goals and objectives for the next three years. We needed to know how you felt about the library and its services in order to know how to forge ahead and which new paths to consider. We thank the more than 100 residents who took the time to fill out a survey, whether it was a paper survey in the library or the online version.

We have to admit it - you made our collective day with your positive and supportive words about the library. We also took note of any constructive criticism and will seek out ways to improve. We thought you might like to see the community survey results - just click here and you will be redirected to a summary page. Even though this is an online survey summary, all of the handwritten survey data was also inputted, so every single survey result is included. Any comments about the survey? Feel free to post them here. Remember, to write in to our PlainTalk blog, just click on the pencil icon below the specific post. You do not have to have a Blogger account and you can even post anonymously. We always appreciate your suggestions and comments, so think of this as another way to keep in touch with us.

Thanks to staff member David Whittingham for the picture of two DPPL patrons studying. Check out our YouTube page - we often feature slideshows of real Des Plaines library users having fun at library events.

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