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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ain't Wii Got Fun?

Your PlainTalk blogger would like to go on the record as saying her athletic abilities are limited. Very limited. Limited primarily to watching/listening to a certain bunch of blue-clad, handsome fellows chasing a ball around an ivy-covered ballpark. I think you know the one.

But back in my younger days, I bravely tried just about every sport. I was pretty good at golf. I loved playing floor hockey in school -- just competitive enough without requiring technique. We shot a lot of hoops in our driveway, played wiffle ball in the street, rode skateboards and bikes, I'd even whack a tennis ball against a wall for practice. But then...I joined a bowling league. I was ten years old, and my best friend's Mom worked at the bowling alley. Papers were signed, car pools arranged, and I immediately realized my lazy Saturday mornings had been stolen from me. Making matters worse? The bowling alley assigned the team names and ours was christened...The Gutter Balls, before we'd ever set foot on the lanes. Yes, the name became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I got a little better at bowling as the years went on, but it always seemed the shoes didn't fit right, the ball was too heavy and my fingers never fit in those three holes. Now? Turns out you can bowl all you want, no heavy lifting, no miserable shoes. It's called Wii bowling, and we've (Wii've?) got it here at the Des Plaines Public Library.

You might be thinking, "Hmm, sounds like something for kids or teenagers." Not anymore! Seniors are invited to experience this new-fangled style of bowling during the Library's "Ain't Wii Got Fun" event, this Friday, June 27th, from 10 AM until Noon.

What's a Wii? A small, lightweight, handheld device that acts like a "virtual" bowling ball. Aim the device at some video bowling pins, swing your arm just like you do with a real bowling ball and watch yourself bowl on a big screen. (You can see the device, and how much smaller it is than a bowling ball, in the picture above.) You can even do Wii bowling while sitting down! So if you thought your bowling days were over (or, if like me, they never really began...), try out this fun new gaming device at the Library. Adult Services Librarian Steven Giese will be on hand to introduce you to Wii bowling - bring a friend along and try bowling a few frames against each other. You don't need to register or bring anything, and of course the event is free of charge. Pretty soon, you'll have a cool new hobby to share with your grandchildren.

"Ain't Wii Got Fun" happens this Friday, June 27, 2008 from 10-Noon, in Friends Room B/C on the Library's First Floor. This event is for Seniors and is free of charge. Just stop by - no need to register. Come on and try it, it's easy and so much fun! P.S. Wii events for teens can be found on our Teen event calendar.

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