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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thinking about adoption?

If you have ever considered the possibility of adopting a child, the Des Plaines Public Library might not have been on your list of resources. You may want to think again, however, since the Library is hosting two adoption seminars this month: International Adoption, on Wednesday, June 18 from 7-9 PM, and Domestic Adoption on Wednesday, June 25 from 7-9 PM.

The media tends to write about adoption as a "hot topic," covering it as if it was a fashion trend or focusing only on the negative and controversial aspects of it - an unfortunate circumstance given the seriousness of making the choice to adopt and how rewarding it can be. While I am not an adoptive parent, I am the proud godmother to Annie, a beautiful little girl from China (yes, that's her in the picture -- hey, I write the blog, I get to brag a little once in awhile!), as well as unofficial "auntie" to other adopted children from China and Guatemala. I have other friends who chose to adopt from within the United States and from Russia, and one thing all these parents will tell you is how blessed they feel to have these children as their sons and daughters.

Still, adoption can be a difficult decision to make, and the legal concerns, documentation, financial, immigration and travel issues can be intimidating. So if you want to get the facts in a comfortable, low-pressure environment, attend these two seminars at the Library. There's no charge, all you have to do is register.

At the first seminar on June 18, 7 PM, Judy Stigger, Director of International Adoption at The Cradle in Evanston, will discuss the international adoption process. Cradle is a private, non-profit Illinois adoption agency. Stigger is also the mother of two transracially-adopted children. She will focus on countries that are currently open for adoption and will discuss factors to consider in cross-cultural adoptions.
Read more information here and register.

At the second seminar on June 25, also at 7 PM, Tobi Ehrenpreis, executive director of the Adoption Center For Family Building, an adoption agency licensed in both Illinois and Indiana, and Shelley Ballard, adoption attorney and partner at Ballard, Desai, Bush-Joseph & Horwich, will present an overview of the domestic adoption process and provide practical advice to getting started. They will discuss agency, private and interstate adoptions as well as the costs, legal risks, and how to begin finding a birth mother. Both are also parents by adoption.

“We’ll be offering an introductory session, a nuts and bolts program, about domestic adoption,” says Ehrenpreis. “So many things have changed over the past several years so we’ll be providing an introductory session on what domestic adoption looks like in the 21st century.”
Read more information here and register.

The Library can help in other ways - use this one-click search to find books in our Library on the adoption process, raising adopted children and other related concepts. For more information on the adoption seminars or any other Library events, call us at 847-376-2787.

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