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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cupid's Empty Pockets

I do a quick scan of the news every morning while I wolf down my Raisin Bran Crunch. Today, I read a headline on MSNBC that came as no surprise: "Love for sale, 15 percent off." No, no, love is not really for sale: the article just spells out what we already knew, that Americans are going to spend less on Valentine's Day this year. The opening of the article describes a young married couple. Two years ago, he gave her jewelry from Tiffany's. This year, it's a play date at the park with their two year old and a rented movie on the way home.

I wish I had a few minutes to talk to them, because I have a better idea: park first, then library. You can walk home with an armful of books, videos and CDs, for the parents and the toddler, for no charge whatsoever. I have no idea what a single movie rental costs these days, but they could save that money for ice cream or another treat.

A consulting firm quoted in the article says Americans are going to spend an average of 15% less on Valentine's gifts than they did last year. (Do you ever wonder how they get those numbers? I mean, did you wake up today and think, "I spent $100 last year, so it's definitely $85 this year?") If you include the library in your plans, I think you can still have a great Valentine's Day.

This Saturday, February 14, DPPL is hosting "Romance in the Afternoon," from 1-3 P.M. Can't afford that flight to Paris? Relax for awhile in our lovely Romance Pavilion on the third floor. It's all decked out with ribbons and bows, soft lighting and comfy seats, your own cozy little nook in les Jardins des Tuileries, if you close your eyes for a moment.

If your sweetheart likes romance authors, come out and meet some of the area's best. They'll have books available for signing, too - an inexpensive but more meaningful gift when you actually get to meet the author! I'm willing to bet your sweetie likes chocolate - in fact, there's a strong chance you do, too, so enjoy free chocolate samples from Morkes, The Chocolate Shop. Along with gourmet milk and dark chocolate, there will be marshmallows, pretzels and decadent strawberries for dipping.

A romantic date often includes a romantic movie and we have a free movie marathon planned for Valentine's Day. From 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, we're showing three of the American Film Institute's best romantic movies (call us at 847-376-2787 for the film titles -- we cannot list them here). You might be thinking, "Gee, a beautiful setting, romance books, free chocolate, free movies, this is almost perfect - but my honey would love a night out, some live music, something like that." Relax - we've got you covered. Just come back on Sunday, February 15 for the live concert, "My Funny Valentine," with crooner extraordinaire Bradford Newquist. Visit his Web site here: you can hear song clips and read the accolades this performer has received. The show is from 2-3:15 PM. It's free but reservations are appreciated - click here to register.

If your Valentine's Day isn't awesome this year, well, don't blame us! Romance is in the air at DPPL - stop by and share it with us.

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