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Friday, February 20, 2009

Romance Contest Winners!

Everybody who attended our "Love in the Afternoon" event was a winner, if only because they left with a tummy full of chocolate and a big smile. However, we had several Romance-related contests during the month of February, and we'd like to congratulate the winners here.

Suzanne Horcher correctly guessed the second best love movie according to the American Film Institute, Gone With the Wind. She won a $25 gift certificate to AMC theaters.

Anthony Abatangelo won the greatest love song contest and received a $25 gift card from Borders Books.

Kathryn Kuntz won a $25 gift from Borders Books for naming her favorite love story, Emma by Jane Austen.

Steve Wagner won the For Love of Country contest by identifying Don Quixote by Cervantes as his favorite book written by a foreign author. He also received a $25 gift card from Borders Books.

The teen contest was won by Sylvia Mendez who named Twilight by Stephenie Meyer as her favorite love story. She also won a $25 gift card from Borders books.

There were almost 200 entries for this year's contes and we thank everyone who participated. Don't get left out - next time we have a contest in the library and/or our Web site, please join in the fun! It's our way of giving back to you for all the support you give to the Library - and, our way of making life a little bit more fun. Have a great weekend. Keep scrolling down this page and you can watch the slideshow of all the photos from last week's Valentine's Day event.

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