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Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations, Battle of the Books winners!

Congratulations to the two teams who won this year's
"Battle of the Books" competition.
The 6th-8th grade readers competed first, on April 24,
and the Green Team was victorious.
Congratulations to team members Maya Furukawa,
Judy Paisley and Nathaniel Lindstrom!

The "Battle of the Books" for 4th-5th graders took place
on May 1, and the Lime Team conquered!
Congratulations to team members
Dionna Bidny, Nina Denne,
Seiji Furukawa and Haripriya Mehta!

It does a librarian's heart good to see young people with a passion for reading and learning. If you ask most librarians, you'll get a similar story about developing a love for books and reading - and maybe even having some fun experiences at the Library - at an early age. We are proud of our Des Plaines kids and we look forward to seeing all of you for this year's Summer Reading Club, "Read on the Wild Side!"

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