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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snapshot - One Day in the Life of Illinois Libraries

Next Wednesday, 2/10/10, is "Snapshot" Day. The Illinois Library Association, faced with drastic budget cuts across the state, is just asking for a little love. :) We'll be collecting lots of statistics that day, taking photos, interviewing patrons, basically capturing one day in the life of a typical public library (although personally I think we're a lot better than "typical").

If you'd like to help, one thing you can do: answer one or all of the questions in the quick online survey below.
Tell us why you use DPPL, what resource, department, person or service makes it valuable and helpful to you. Maybe you can share a success story - how the Library encouraged you to read more, to learn computer skills, to look for employment, etc. It's your story, so only you know the answers to the questions, but we would love to hear from you. Think of it as an early Valentine to your friendly neighborhood public library of more than 100 years. If you stop in and visit us next Wednesday, you can share your stories with us in person - you might even catch me running around with the videocamera and I'd love to add you to our photo/video montage of the day. It's our honor and pleasure to serve this community and we would love to hear why the library matters to you. Thanks.


  1. why are people allowed to talk on their cell phone in the library. i find it to be extremely annoying. the staff does absolutely nothing about the problem.

  2. Dear anonymous,

    Thanks for posting your concerns about cell phone talking in the Library. I have relayed your message to our Director and Assistant Director. I'm not authorized to speak for them or on behalf of the Library, but I thought I'd just express my... personal empathy? Most of the time, I don't work with the public out in the Library, my job is computer-focused. A few times, I have had to approach someone about excessive talking on the phone in a public area. Some people are very kind, apologetic, and end their conversations. I know many of us in the Library have had the opposite experience - we've politely approached someone but their response has been very negative, even explosive. I used to work in a college library where all cell phones were supposedly forbidden. It turned into a all day long job, trying to stop folks from talking, and often they became abusive and threatening when asked to stop. Again, these are just my observations and I'm not making excuses or justifying a lack of action. If I can post an official response to your comment here, I certainly will. I'm just sharing some of my own experiences about how difficult the cell phone problem can be for libraries (and other traditionally quiet places, like doctor's offices). I do know that if you are disturbed by someone's loud, lengthy or inappropriate conversation while at DPPL, you should feel comfortable telling anyone on the staff about your feelings, while you are here. Again, if I have an official response from our Director/Asst Director that I can share with you, I will also post that here. But as someone who is very sensitive to noise and distraction, I do want to say that I understand your irritation and hope that, as an organization, we can be responsive to your concerns. Thank you for commenting.


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