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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More fun with National Poetry Month

As you've already seen, I'm a big fan of poetry and someone who believes the world might be just a bit happier and more relaxed if we all enjoyed a good poem once in awhile. (Insert disclaimer: yes, I'm one of those English majors your mother warned you about...) For the last week, I have been busy recruiting my coworkers to read favorite poems for the videocamera so that I can share them with you here on the Library Web site. This morning, we proudly unveiled our "Poetry Theatre" - you can follow that link to explore this special feature. At the "Poetry Theatre," you can also learn more about National Poetry Month and find out what books and recordings we have here at DPPL that put the spotlight on poetry.

You already saw a sample of our work as Bob Blanchard read "Casey at the Bat." Today, you can see another clip, featuring Youth Services Librarian Sara McLaughlin, who does a delightful job bringing to life some selections from "Once I Ate A Pie," a children's book celebrating our relationship with puppies and pooches of all kinds. If you've enjoyed the videos so far, go to the "Poetry Theatre" where there are 9 other videos to watch.

In fact, if you're a real lover of poetry - would you consider reading a poem for us? Our videocamera stands at the ready! If you would like to schedule a time to visit the library and perform a favorite poetic work so we can share it here, just send me an email:  We had such a great time working with you as our photographic subjects on Snapshot Day in February, we thought it might be really fun to get you performing in our "Poetry Theatre," too. Please give it some thought, we would love to include you. (Kids, teens and adults are welcome - consider reading as a couple or as a family, too.)

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