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Monday, June 21, 2010

Doing The Walk Of Life

Last Friday night, I was in a restaurant that plays a lot of 80s music and I heard the old Dire Straits song, "Walk of Life." This coming Friday night, June 25, 2010, I'll be at an actual "Walk Of Life," the Des Plaines/Park Ridge Relay For Life. Relay For Life is an all-night event - walkers circle a track, hula hoop, dance and do whatever it takes to stay awake until the morning hours, all the while earning pledge money from supporters. That money goes to the American Cancer Society to fund research and support for those struggling from any form of cancer, as well as needed services for family members of those waiting on a cure.

It's a fun, upbeat, inspiring event and YOU, yes, YOU are invited. You, your family, friends and neighbors can all attend for free. Please bring your wallet or purse and buy some raffle tickets, make a donation, purchase a gift or some snacks, with all proceeds going to fight cancer. Can't make it? Please consider making an online donation to our Relay for Life team, Bob's Book Babes. Our team has been the Book Babes for many years, but this year they are walking to honor our much-loved colleague, Bob Blanchard (Adult Services), who is recovering from surgery for cancer at this time. We love ya, Bob, and we miss you here at DPPL! That's a photo above of last year's Book Babes, still smiling after a long night of walking.

Is there a single person in Des Plaines whose life has not been altered by cancer? In some cases, the change may have been devastating, even world-shattering. All the more reason to make a donation and come to Relay to support survivors, caregivers and the fund-raising walkers. Cancer is a tough foe but if any place on earth has the ingenuity, the energy and the determination to beat it, it's the United States of America. Relay for Life takes place in 5,000 communities across 19 countries, a global collaboration, which makes it that much more powerful. Come out and make a difference! Rumor has it a certain blogging librarian will be performing a song at the opening ceremony, which begins around 5:45 PM. Before and after the song I'll be looking for YOU. :) Details:

Des Plaines/Park Ridge Relay For Life
Friday, June 25, 2010 - opening ceremony around 5:45 PM, event goes all night
Maine West High School
1755 S. Wolf Road

Des Plaines, IL


  1. Did Karen mention we have great, talented DJ's that play music and emcee the lap themes all night long? There will be line dancing (we're gonna teach you the electric slide, even if you're a total klutz on the dance floor - oops make that dance grass) and there are loads of other dances to keep you going all night. And pizza! And there will be Magic Cookie Bars at Bob's Book Babes campsite! So stop by and say Hi and walk a little with us. We'll have a scrapbook full of memories from previous Relays.

  2. I got dibs on the first batch of Magic Cookie Bars - those are my favorites!


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