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Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacations: We Need Them More Than Ever...

...yet they are harder to afford! Seems like we're all still feeling the financial pinch these days, which creates stress. A vacation can be a source of stress relief - or a real headache. Yes, there are tons of free Web sites for travel planning and preparation these days but don't forget library resources. We have travel guides, maps, atlases and more that you can check out and bring on the road with you. The money you save on those items can be used for a dinner out or a fun activity. If your vacation involves a long road trip or flight, we can supply engaging fiction, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs and CDs for the journey - why waste that money buying these items at O'Hare or a roadside oasis?

Here are a few Web sites for you to explore  - click the links and you'll get an up-to-date list of library items on that subject. To find travel-related items at DPPL, use our online catalog. I'll be the first to admit, searching for travel in the catalog isn't always easy. Try a combination of keywords, like "travel AND Illinois," "pets AND travel," (use the word AND to combine separate words or phrases) etc.

Have a favorite travel Web site or resource you would like to share? List it in the comments section here! Happy, frugal and safe travelling this summer!

Web Sites:
Best Midwest Travel - The radio ads for this Web site (featuring notable Chicago personality Bill Kurtis) are ubiquitous this summer. What do you think of their site? Are you staying in the Midwest this summer?

Budget Travel - The companion Web site to Budget Travel magazine, promising lots of real deals.

Another magazine option with great ideas for local travel: the Web site for Midwest Living.

Article, "50 Best Travel Sites You Probably Never Heard Of." Okay, so the grammar in the title is awful. This is a compelling and quirky list of all types of travel Web site. If you're eager to move beyond Expedia and Travelocity, try some of these.

Another alternative to the big names, like Orbitz: Kayak claims to search hundreds of Web sites at the same so you can get the best prices. Try it - do you like it?

Another travel tip: look for travel companies on Twitter and for tweets with the tag: #traveltuesday. Then watch for low airfare and hotel deals, plus customer service information. Today on United Airlines on Twitter, there is information about slow Internet issues, how to file a customer service complaint and how to find items left at a gate.

Happy, safe and frugal travels this summer and all year 'round!

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  1. Once upon a time we took great vacations that involved lots of foreign countries and currency, long flights, gruelling bus trips, and "make sure your luggage is outside your door by 7:00 AM" routines. Now our favorite vacations involve staying close to home, sometimes reversing our hours so that we're up until 3 in the morning watching DVDs, sleeping until noon, and going out for dinner at a local restaurant. Cheaper, more relaxing, and wonderfully casual and peaceful!


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