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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Well Soon, Linda!

Just a short and sweet PlainTalk today, to send thoughts and prayers to a great colleague and a "Friend" of the Library in every possible way, Linda Knorr. If you frequent the Library's third floor (you know, the "fun floor," as Readers' Services Manager Jo Bonell calls it), surely you know Linda. Always ready to help, Linda is an expert on many topics, from mysteries and thrillers to gardening. You can frequently read her very engaging posts in Positively Ellinwood Street, our sister blog about books, movies and music. She's not only a dynamic member of our staff, she's an important part of our annual Relay for Life team and has been an active Friend of the Library, too. She also happens to live right here in Des Plaines.

Last week, all of us at DPPL were shocked to hear from Linda's loving hubby Ken that one of the "usual suspects" - a migraine or something similar - resulted in a trip to the hospital with a more serious diagnosis. The good news?  Linda is home and recuperating now. I know Linda and Ken (and family cat Maggie) are regular PlainTalk readers so this seemed a good place to send her some comforting, encouraging thoughts. Linda, we miss you but we're happy to hear that you are home and making progress. Make sure you have a pile of great books and a nice comfy place to curl up with Maggie while you recover. :)


  1. Hey Linda, Good to hear you're progressing. Let Ken and Maggie pamper you a bit. Of course, good books and movies also have a pampering effect. Get well soon!

    Edgar, Fluffy and Wendell

  2. Thank you, Karen, for this wonderful get well soon wish. Thanks also to all of our library friends who have visited Lin and sent flowers and cards. The Des Plaines Public Library is not only a place where Lin works, but a community within our Des Plaines community. The people at our library have been so nice to us.

    Like my older brother, who’s gone to kitty heaven, I watch for the bookmobile to drive past our house. I wave when it goes by. Now that Lin and Ken will be around the house more, we’ll be borrowing from it.

    ~ Maggie K (and Ken)

  3. I'm going to argue with Jo that the 2nd floor of the library (Youth Services) is actually the "fun" floor. But it's definitely true that Linda is a very awesome person- and I miss her!! Hurry back Linda!!

  4. The third floor just isn't the same without our Linda, whose awesomeness is unparallelled!!
    We miss you Linda!

  5. Linda,
    We're very happy to know that you're back home. Please let Ken and Maggie take good care of you. You deserve a little pampering!

    Jeanne & Sterling & Jack

  6. Hey Linda, glad to hear that you're home. Now is the time to let yourself be pampered, and let Ken take care of you...and maybe, just maybe, Maggie will get the hint and help out a little bit - dusting - with her tail. Take care of yourself and know that your are missed - even on the 1st floor! Get well soon, Eileen & Arlene PS Tigg & Bandit are asking about you & sending you their regards....

  7. Thanks for keeping us stocked with chocolate even in your absence. Hurry back soon or else someone else may need to fill the candy jar!

  8. Thanks for so many wonderful comments and for such a great tribute Karen! (Has anyone noticed how many cat fans I have?)

    Maggie is a great help and yes, she does dust often with her tail.

  9. You have fans of all kinds, Linda - cats, of course, but I bet dogs love you and I sure know that people do. :) It's wonderful to hear from you and know that your spirit and sense of humor are intact. Hope you've been able to enjoy the beautiful weather this week, too.

  10. Linda, wishes for rest, reading and a speedy recovery!
    Veronica, Gretchen and Veronica's Dad

  11. We're keeping the candy jar stocked for you :) You are missed here on the 3rd floor!


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