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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on Interlibrary Van Delivery Service

Just a quick update on the status of interlibrary van delivery service, which is more of a work-in-progress at this point than what we'd call a "fait accompli." (I assume everyone in Des Plaines speaks French, right? KIDDING. If you're lost you can look it up: That's what librarians do.)

First of all, let me repeat: if you need a book, DVD or CD and we don't own it, we will try everything within our power to get it for you. We tried to emphasize that as boldly and loudly as possible, but in case you missed it, get the details here.

Now, on the newsy front: two recent developments leave us hopeful that some form of regular interlibrary van delivery will return to Des Plaines in the coming months. First of all, a committee representing the north suburban area libraries, of which we are a part, is preparing a Request For Proposal, inviting delivery services to make us an offer we can't refuse. We are in the midst of preparing our budget for 2011 and it includes some funding for interlibrary van delivery.

Secondly, some enterprising folks in the library world applied for an LSTA grant to pay for renewed van delivery service. This grant money, while administered by the state of Illinois "Library Services and Technology Act," is actually federal funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. If that grant money arrives in a timely fashion, we have been told that Des Plaines Public Library will be added back unequivocally into the van delivery route.

So if you are the sort who believes in luck, send some positive energy here to your friendly, neighborhood public library. We are appreciative of the individuals and committees that are working hard to find creative responses to this budget issue. We also appreciate that many of you have taken the time over the last two months to voice your disappointment and frustration over the van delivery issue. I hope this update reminds you that we do listen to your concerns and complaints and we act on them whenever possible. I write it here often but perhaps not often enough: when you have complaints or suggestions for the library, the best place to speak out about them is right here at 1501 Ellinwood Street. Call, email, send a letter or stop in and talk to someone. In just the last week, I have called or text messaged 6 patrons about problems they've had with library service or suggestions they've made. Every one of those conversations was beneficial to me and to the patron.

That's what I have for you today. I hope to have more news, and good news, soon.

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