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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Check Out A Kill-A-Watt Meter And Start Saving

Have you heard about the Kill-A-Watt meter? Kill-A-Watt meters help you determine how much energy your household appliances consume. From ComEd: "Patrons who borrow a Kill-a-Watt meter will be able to plug this device into a wall outlet, plug an appliance, computer, lamp, or other electrical product into the monitor, and they will find out how efficient (or wasteful) those devices really are. On the large LCD display they will be able to monitor the kilowatt hour consumption of an item to learn how much it costs to run. They can determine electrical expenses by day, week, or month, cycling through displays including voltage (volt), amperage (amp), wattage (watt), line frequency (Hz), and power factor (VA)." Many household devices continue to use up energy even when they are turned off and the Kill-A-Watt meter will help you determine if you have any of these "vampire" or "phantom load" appliances in your home or work space.

We are pleased to announce that we now have two Kill-A-Watt meters available for 14 day checkout. Just ask at the first floor information desk and have your DPPL card handy. You can watch the informational video above to learn more about how to use the Kill-A-Watt meter and learn from your results. There is also an informational card included with the meter. The Kill-A-Watt meter will help you save energy and money - and who doesn't want to do that? Stop in and check one out today. Thanks to the ComEd CARE program for donating these helpful devices to our library and many others.

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