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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving, 1952 - Des Plaines style

Welcome to Part Two of our Thanksgiving walk down Memory Lane. Today I'll post some clippings from the Des Plaines Suburban Times, November 26, 1952 - Thanksgiving week. (Scroll down to the last post to see similar clippings from November 18,1948 - over the weekend we'll check out the swingin' Sixties) Click any of the images to enlarge them.

You'll need to click to enlarge the cover page -the photo is a little difficult to see, it's a family with heads bowed in prayer right before their delicious Thanksgiving meal. The caption exhorts readers to " thankful for...the advantages of living in the United States...the opportunity of sharing in its progress and prosperity..." and more. Perhaps a message we can take to heart during our own difficult times! It's also interesting to note that the writer of the caption chose freedom of religion as the most significant freedom -
think that would be true in 2010?

 Wouldn't be a special occasion in Des Plaines without our good friends at Pesche's. Did you know Pesche's also carried groceries for a time? Note the line in this ad: "Produce prices are subject to change. We are sold out on Hunt's Peaches and quart size Miracle Whip." Wow - wouldn't it be great it stores today would tell us ahead of time if they ran out of something? :)

It's fun to compare grocery prices then and now - mmmm...Cracker Jack...
No address listed for this store - was there an A & P Super Market here in DP
or was this in a neighboring suburb?

There is still an Oehler Funeral Home in Des Plaines - no longer at Lee and Perry, today's location is on Miner Street, east of downtown. A number of businesses took out ads like this, with a simple reminder to be thankful on Thanksgiving. It is interesting that religious imagery and wording were quite common -
do you think that would be true today?

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  1. Pesche's grocery lasted until 1979 and kept selling liquor through 1987. There was pretty much always an A&P in Des Plaines. I think it was on Center street at that time.


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