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Friday, January 21, 2011

Super Bowl Shuffle Or Shrug?

Over lunch with a former coworker of mine, quite a few years ago, she told me that one of her biggest pet peeves about living in Chicago (she is a Detroit native) was the level of sports fanaticism. I grew up in a household where women outnumbered men two to one, but you'd never know it from the TV or radio. A game was always on - Bears, Bulls, Cubs and then back again. I was very close to my maternal grandfather and he was a White Sox fan, often a sore spot between him and my dad, a North Sider. My sister married into a family with strong ties to the White Sox and Blackhawks, My brother played high school basketball and then coached at the same level for a few years.The only thing that prevents me from turning on the iPod during my evening commute is a Cubs game and last weekend I even drove around listening to the Bears crush the Seahawks. My parents love the Bulls so we'll get together for a game and some pizza. I didn't want to like sports, I was already a rock music fanatic, but it just sort of crept up on me.

What do you think? Are we too crazy about sports in Chicago, or is it a healthy, normal, family-friendly way to have a good time and share some excitement? Do you have big plans for this Sunday's Bears-Packers game or do you see it as a perfect excuse for a nice brunch or some shopping, since so many people will be otherwise occupied? There's no doubt that sports fans can get out of hand - just see recent news stories about barroom brawls and street fights leading to arrests, injuries, even deaths. A recent study by the University of Minnesota found that one in twelve pro sports fans leaves the game legally intoxicated - no numbers on how many of them get behind the wheel or get into a fight. So, hey, let's be careful out there. You can love your team and cheer them on to victory without being a news item or even a gossipy punchline.

Can't get enough of your Chicago Bears?
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Follow the countdown to Sunday's "Epic Showdown" on the official Chicago Bears Web site.

As a librarian,I'm supposed to remain objective and impartial (yeah, right), so YES, we have books and more about the Green Bay Packers, too - check 'em out.

As a lifelong Chicago area resident, I'm really proud when our sports teams play well and make our fair city shine even brighter. So - my prediction for Sunday? To riff on the old "Super Fans" skit from "Saturday Night Live," Bearssssssh, 700. Packers, 0. GO BEARS!

Pictured above: Head of Youth Services Stephanie Spetter, Youth Services Assistant Elizabeth Bialobrzewski, Administrative Assistant Marge Scholl, a FABULOUS Bears cake Marge brought in for us, yours truly, and Library Director Holly Sorensen.

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  1. I may not be a real sports fan but when the home team is in the playoffs, I'm definitely for the home team - Go Bears! Luckily, out of four daughters, my Dad had one who loved sports as much as he did (hint: it wasn't me)so he always had someone to watch the games with while the rest of us took in a movie or hid away somewhere to escape the noise.

    Cute picture Karen!


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