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Monday, January 31, 2011

Who Do Ya LOVE?

Our theme for the current quarter is "Remember," and as February approaches, we often remember the people we love the most. (Well, unless you hate Valentine's Day. Then we can't help you.) I enjoy making videos to help promote the library and the Des Plaines community and my colleague, Heather Imhoff, suggested a "Who Do Ya LOVE?" video, featuring you and your loves - your spouse, fiancee, best friend, children, dog, cat, maybe even your parakeet or your muscle car.

Here's what we need to make this work: email me a photo of you and your sweetie - or just your sweetie if that makes you happier. Ideally the photos should be .jpgs, 72 dpi and approximately 1024 x 768. If this means nothing to you, don't worry for a minute, just send us what you've got! The video will be posted on DPPL's website and also shown in the library. I'll set it to music to make it more fun and you can share it with anyone you choose. Please send me your photos by February 10, 2011. We've received a few so far and they are GREAT, so keep 'em coming!

Why do we make a big fuss about Valentine's here at DPPL? Mostly because month after month, year after year, "Love Stories" is the most searched subject in our library catalog. Proof that the readers of Des Plaines are lovers, not fighters! So this year, our Valentine video will be a tribute to all of you and the sweethearts that make life worth living. Send in your photos soon!

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