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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elaine Tejcek Honored for 7 Years of Distinguished Library Board Service

Des Plaines resident Elaine Tejcek was recently awarded a plaque commemorating her many years of distinguished service to the Des Plaines Public Library as a member of the Board of Trustees. Tejcek retired from the board in 2010 after serving seven years. During that time Elaine, herself a talented artist, chaired of the Board’s Art Committee for six years. She also served as the board liaison to Friends of the Library and served on the planning, management, building & grounds committees during critical times of library growth and expansion. Other highlights of her tenure include her representation of the library at the annual American Library Association’s Library Legislative Day in Washington, DC in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Elaine is a true lover of libraries and supporter of the humanities. In addition to a commemorative plaque, two books representing her interests were purchased and entered in the library’s circulating collection on her behalf: Cry Havoc: How the Arms Race Drove the World War, 1931-1941 by Joseph Mailo and Envoy by Alex Kershaw.

Thanks for all you have done, Elaine, to make the Des Plaines Public Library an award-winning resource for the residents of Des Plaines!

Below: Des Plaines Public Library Director Holly Sorensen presents retired Board Member Elaine Tejcek a plaque in recognition of 7 years of distinguished service.


  1. Congratulations Elaine! You've always been a board member who truly cared about the library and actually used the services of the library. (One would think that would be true of all library board members... but one would be wrong.) I've also enjoyed your art displays on the 3rd floor.

  2. Thanks for being a great library board member for so many years. It's wonderful to have people who care about the library taking part.


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