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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


With the start of the new year, we are kicking off a new series of programming around the theme "build." It's a wonderful concept because "build" can mean so many things. You can build a thing; you can build a relationship; you can build your own skills.

Having a young child in your life makes you keenly aware of how important building is. Just yesterday I spent the afternoon with my son building roads and houses with blocks. We laid out block after block on the floor--only to send them tumbling down, of course. Then started again.

Meanwhile we were listening to songs. He wanted to listen to "Three Blind Mice" several times in a row. I patiently obliged. This morning he was singing the song to himself, having already learned the words! This is just one example of how quietly and subtly we acquire new skills and ideas.

In many ways, this idea of "building" is central to the library. We exist so that everyday you can build on the things you know and enjoy. Of course, the centrality of the library building to your personal growth and development is changing with online databases and ebooks. But buildings and bytes are just resources to serve this larger goal of expanding and growing people and communities.

So, let's us help you build whatever it is you want to build. Check our homepage and events calendar regularly for "Build" events in the coming months. Get started this Saturday by bringing children to our exciting Lego events (here, here, and here)

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