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Friday, January 27, 2012

Entrepreneurship and the Unknown

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? To start something on your own? To face the unknown?

Next Wednesday, Mark Lieberman from SCORE Chicago will lead a program at the library called "Going Into Business: Evaluate Yourself and Take the Firsts Steps" (Register here). As the title suggests, this program isn't so much about writing business plans and getting loans. Instead, the focus will be on evaluating yourself to see what skills you have (or don't have) to be entrepreneurial.

You may have noticed that being "entrepreneurial" means more than starting your own business these days. In fact, people that think and write about entrepreneurship believe that everyone--libraries, non-profits, even mega corporation--need to learn to take risks and face the unknown. 

Nathan Furr, writing in Forbes, makes this very point. He talks about entrepreneurship being about a type of problem, rather than a type of firm:
Entrepreneurship is about tackling unknown problems or unknown solutions... Large firms, old firms, governments, not-for-profits, virtually every organization faces the unknown from time to time. When they do, they are facing entrepreneurial problems. Therefore, entrepreneurship is not about the type of firm, it is about the type of problem.
We all face problems that require entrepreneurial thinking and skills. So, why not come to the library next Wednesday and find out if you have what it takes?

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