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Friday, June 29, 2012

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Knowing that the Fourth of July is next week, I asked people in the library about their favorite Fourth of July traditions to share with you.

I'll start off. Personally, I love going to the beaches to watch fireworks. Fireworks are pretty amazing, but fireworks exploding over water are even better!

And here are some others:
I like to watch Wimbledon on the tube. Not very patriotic, I know. But I do like my tennis. - Gwen
Find a roof from which to watch all of the local fireworks displays simultaneously. - Claire
This may be nerdy, but I try to read the Declaration of Indepenence in its entirety every July 4. - Joel
AM: Watching the marching bands in the parade's. PM: Watching the flag fly as we celebrate with fireworks and icecream! - Liz
Why…March in the Des Plaines Independence Day Parade…of course! - Stephanie
So, be sure to look for us in the Des Plaines parade, grab a spot at your favorite fire works show in the area, read our founding documents, and tv!

Also, if you aren't in the patriotic spirit yet, come to our celebration of patriotic music, "You're a Grand Old Flag," this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Register now!

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  1. I like to forgo my salad eating ways and have a grilled hot dog or two.


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