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Friday, July 6, 2012

Mac Laptops for Teens

You don't have to dress this cool to use an Mac laptop at the Des Plaines Public Library. You just have to be a teen, have a valid photo I.D., and a Des Plaines library card.

We keep the Macs at the 3rd floor desk. Come on up, show us your library card and I.D.. We'll check the laptop out to you (yes, like a book!). We only have a few, so you won't be able to use it forever (though you'll get at least an hour). Also, the Mac will be very, very sad if you leave the library with it!

So, with just yourself, your ID and library card, and a commitment to not making the laptops cry (seriously), you can use one our Macs for research, writing, making videos, and so on. If you have questions, just ask Joanie, the teen librarian, or someone working at the 3rd floor desk in the library.

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