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Monday, July 23, 2007

A Few Potter Pix

Check out some pictures from our Harry Potter Extravaganza, which took place last Friday, July 19, 2007, here at the Des Plaines Public Library. Thank you to all who attended, to all who worked so hard to make this event a success, and an extra big "Thank you!" to our Friends of the Library for their generous sponsorship of this special evening. (You can see some of our Friends in these pictures, dressed in their wizardly garb.) If your child attended our event and would like to write about it, please encourage them to send us their Comments down below.

We took lots of pictures and video of the HP Extravaganza, and the first part of our Harry Potter Extravaganza is now up on YouTube! Just click here to check it out.


  1. The Harry Potter extravaganza was the event of the year. Everyone had a wizardly and witch-fully great time. All the participants were given a t-shirt in the colors of their house. When Prof. McGonagall rose to speak at the beginning of the proceedings in the great hall, the room fell silent to hear her every word. The students were lead to their classes by Prefects in costume who had volunteered for the night. There were classes in Potions, Herbology, and Wand-making. In Potions there were demonstrations of magical chemistry, and every student made a colorful potions bottle. In Herbology, everyone planted pumpkin seeds in dragon-dung compost and they were show how to squeeze bubertubers. In Wand-making, each student handcrafted their very own wand. Hagrid, Grawp, “visiting” professors, and guest witches and wizards added to the excitement. After an evening full of classes, all gathered it the great hall for a feast. The house with the most points (Gryffindor) won a gummy foot-long rat for each student in that house. Then, after midnight, the faculty selected names at random from a hat to award nine lucky students their own copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." One young boy commented to one of the Friends, “This is so cool; it’s like we’re all part of the book.”

  2. thank you for having the Harry Potter party. It was very cool.

  3. What a great way to encourage children to be readers...Thanks for
    all the work involved.
    Grandma Schramm and Harry!

  4. Frederick and all who attended: If you visit the library's home page, and click on the link that says, "Check Us Out On YouTube," you can watch the first part of our videos about the Harry Potter Extravaganza. A lot of our guests for the evening are featured in the video, so you don't want to miss it. Thanks for writing - and we're glad you liked our party.

  5. Imagine, if you dare, 96 Hogwarts students gathered in the library's atrium waiting to be sorted into their houses. Then on to the Great Hall, where each student was announced with applause and fanfare. The hall, decked out in banners, Quidditch brooms, and twinkling optic lights, set the mood for the magical evening ahead. What a rush! Obviously the best party in suburbia!


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