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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One Last 4th of July Hurrah!

Here's our latest video - get a front row seat for the Cart Wheels book cart drill team command performance at the Des Plaines 4th of July parade. Our trusty cameraman Raul Silvestry took footage of the entire parade - so watch our Web site this week for lots more video. You may even see yourself!

(Pssst...the video is just over 8 minutes, so you might want to let it start loading, go grab a cold drink, then sit back and enjoy when it's fully loaded. You'll know it's done loading when the red bar under the screen is completely filled in.)


  1. This video is absolutely terrible! All we can see are the backs of people. Now I know why the web services librarian needs to blog for food.

  2. Hmm - not sure what you mean by the "backs of people," as you can see many of the residents of Des Plaines lining Center Street and our book cart drill team and library staff throughout the video. Our Cameraman (not the Web Services Librarian...) was limited to where he could stand, as this was an official city parade, but we think he did a fine job capturing our book cart drill team in action. Our videos have been winning rave reviews elsewhere but you must have had something else in mind. This was meant to be informal and fun, not an Academy Award winning venture.

  3. The Cart Wheels drill team is great. It’s a wonderful way to promote our library. And our library and its staff are really nice. I’m sorry I missed the parade in person, but this video helped me share the experience.


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