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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Okay - We'll Beg!

We'll do whatever it takes to get you to read our PlainTalk blog and send us your comments - so watch this video to learn the Top Ten Reasons why we need your contributions!

So, come on, Des Plaines - we need your comments and input to make PlainTalk an interesting place to visit. Yes, our video of Top Ten reasons was pretty silly - but trust us on this one, we really think you'll have fun reading our blog and sending in your own comments on the topic of discussion. You can browse through the previous blog postings down below to get a sample of what we've done so far. Join the conversation!


  1. Can we talk about where are the best hot dogs in the area? I'm a hot dog person and when I get a craving (during my first pregnancy) I went to Hot Dog Richie's in Palatine. Now I work in Des Plaines and I want to find some good places here. Thanks

  2. Hot dogs - coming right up! We'll get a hot dog discussion going next week. How strange - I don't even live in Palatine and you are the second person I know who likes Hot Dog Richie's. Whoever Richie is, he knows his hot dogs...


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