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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby, It IS Cold Outside

So let's talk about what's hot in Des Plaines.

Well, first, let's talk about what is warm in Des Plaines - and we hope it's you. If you or someone you love needs shelter from the cold temperatures we are experiencing, the city of Des Plaines has assistance for you. Click here to see their Web site or call the Emergency Management Agency informational hotline at 847-391-5396. Click on that link to the Web site and you will find a listing of many local warming centers. Please get the help if you need it and advise others who may not know where to turn.

As I'm typing this, the temperature in DP is 13 degrees Fahrenheit, with a severe wind chill warning in effect. I am not looking forward to heading out to my car, so pardon me while I procrastinate with you awhile! If you're fortunate enough to have a warm place to call home this winter, you may still be suffering from the winter doldrums. Let the library help you find a stack of books to while away the dark, frigid evenings. One new and fun way to shake up your reading habits is our "What's Hot In Des Plaines" feature. Go ahead, you know you're curious - so click right here and you'll find the hottest titles, authors and subjects at the Des Plaines Public Library.

When we first tried out this service, we thought we had a pretty good handle on the favorite authors in town. But some of the other "hot" items surprised us: classic authors such as Jane Austen and Gabriel
García Márquez and language searches ranging from Polish to Gujarati. There are a lot of miles between Poland and Gujarat and it's pretty cool (hot?) to imagine those two cultures, along with so many others, living together right here in Des Plaines. So next time you're on our home page, click on the link that says, "What's Hot In Des Plaines."
You may find inspiration for new adventures in reading.

"What's Hot..." isn't the only place to explore new authors and titles. Don't forget about our Staff Picks database, where you can browse by author, title, subject, genre - and even the name of your favorite library book reviewer.

If Staff Picks doesn't quench your thirst for a great read, we've got more: try our Books & Literature Subject Guide. There you'll find databases such as NoveList and Booklist which give you expert reviews and recommendations on many types of literature. You can type in the name of a favorite author, subject, genre, even a favorite book, and these services can help you find similar things to read. Try out these services - if you find them a bit daunting, stop by the Readers' Services desk (3rd floor) and ask for a walk-through. Yes, you can use NoveList and Booklist from the warmth and comfort of home - just have your DPPL card handy since you will need your number to gain access to these databases.

Reading can be good for the spirit, mind and soul, and during these icy winter months, good for the body since a great book is the perfect excuse to stay indoors. Use our Web site (and of course, the friendly help of our professional staff) to find plenty of wonderful reading material to drive away the winter blues.

This blog was written on Wednesday, 1/23/2008 - the photo of Library Plaza above was taken on Thursday, 1/24/2008, just before noon. Temperature? 6 degrees Fahrenheit. And sunny...

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