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Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Reads, Great Movies - Just a Click Away!

We've been focusing all month on ways in which the library can help you make and keep some healthy, positive resolutions for the New Year. Today's post might seem library-focused, but it can help you save time, save money, learn a new language and just spend more time reading -- all of those are great resolutions!

Ever wanted something new to read or watch, but after browsing and searching through our online catalog, you still came up empty-handed? Try our One Click Searches!

The fact is, library catalogs can be elusive and occasionally downright hostile. You know exactly what you want, but the catalog wants to hear it in "library-speak," that mysterious language known to librarians and researchers, not so much to normal people. That's why we created One Click Searches. You find a topic or genre of interest, click on it, and the catalog will run a search for you, finding the latest and greatest in books or video. In addition to searches by topic, we also have One Click Searches by language. Perhaps you are multi-lingual and enjoy reading in a language other than English. Perhaps you have a family member who is more comfortable using his/her native language - that person might really appreciate some library books in that particular language.

Where will you find our One Click Searches? Click on "Catalog" from our home page and then click on "One Click Searches" up in the blue header at the top of the screen. For our One Click Searches in various languages, look for the "Reference" area on our home page. Underneath that, click on "resources for new Americans." Then look for the heading "Books" under World Language Materials. Better yet, I'll put links to both types of One Click Searches down below so you can give them a try. You can then bookmark these pages on your home computer and get to them with - that's right - one click.

Even if you've used our One Click Searches in the past, check back frequently, as we are always adding new topics to the lists and new items to our collections. These are live, dynamic searches, so if you searched for, oh, "Exercise and Fitness DVDs" last year, try it today and you will get all the new items we've added since then. It is, truly, a no-brainer -- good thing, since our brains are a little taxed from this miserably cold weather right now! Here are the links to our One Click Searches - take them out for a test drive. Would you like to recommend a particular type of One Click Search? Type your suggestion here in the "Comments" section (hint: click on the word "Comments" after this post to send me a message), we'd love to hear from you.

One Click Searches by Topic/Genre

One Click Searches by Language

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