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Monday, June 29, 2009

Printing Made Even Easier

I fondly remember all the talk, 10-15 years ago, about a "paperless society." We certainly rely on electronic communication more and more these days, but paper remains a cold, hard fact of life. Homework assignments, resum├ęs, photographs, driving directions - sometimes it's better to have a piece of paper on hand. However, buying and maintaining a printer at home can be expensive and frustrating, especially when your printing needs are infrequent.

Did you know that you not only have access to printers here at DPPL but that you can now send print jobs from your wireless computer, even from your home computer, to the library for printing? Betcha didn't. :) It's a fairly new service, which we've rolled out without much fanfare.

Printing at the Library is inexpensive - $0.10 for black and white, $0.50 for color. Your DPPL card acts as a debit card for the printers, or you can buy a copy card. Printing from the library's computers is pretty standard: select "Print," your print job goes to a print workstation, and at that point you need to swipe your card, pay for your printouts, etc.

Now, what about when you want to bring your laptop to the library and print, OR, what if you are on your home computer and would like to send an item for printing to the Library? Here are some links to the instructions:

Instructions as a Word document
Instructions as a PDF

I would suggest you begin with opening up one of those files and saving it permanently to your computer for easy reference. Once you've tried it a time or two, you can also bookmark the printing service Web site directly.

I think if you try it once, you'll find that it is very straightforward. Do remember that if you are at home, you will have to come to DPPL, 4th floor computer area, and pay for/pick up your copies during our normal business hours.

Have questions about printing @ DPPL? See our friendly, helpful IT techs up on the 4th floor, they are the workstation wizards! Oh, and speaking of normal business hours, don't forget that we are closed Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th in celebration of Independence Day. But do look for us in the 4th of July parade - I'll even be there as part of the sensational Singing Librarians!

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