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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's What in DP

A few nights ago, I bumped into an old friend while walking through a store parking lot. She said, "How about lunch some time - but not in Des Plaines! I always get lost when I go there!"

Des Plaines might be a suburb of Chicago, but it can sure feel like a big, bustling city all on its own. If you need information about what's happening here in town, a very good resource is the City's own Web site: If you haven't used it recently, give it a try - it's been totally revamped and I find it pretty user-friendly and "transparent." If the menu choices overwhelm you, try what I do: up in the top right hand corner, there's a little box that reads, "Search Website." Type a few, simple terms in there, hit your Enter key, and you almost always get to the information you need. The "News Headlines" column further down on the right hand side is also helpful for things you need to know now. (Did you know vehicle stickers and pet licenses must be purchased by June 30? Get the info.)

The Library Web site also has links to information about Des Plaines - check out the Life in Des Plaines page. You can even find the current weather there! We could really use your suggestions for developing this part of our Web site - what other information should we feature there? If you'd like to suggest something, email me and I'll seriously consider your ideas (or, just type your comments here). Be as creative as you'd like, as long as the information reflects life in Des Plaines and is legitimately helpful to residents and visitors.

Let's help alleviate that "I always get lost when I go there!" feeling and make Des Plaines a place that feels easy to find, live in, work in and enjoy. Thanks to the Wild Onions Web site for the photo of four DP landmarks.


  1. I used to get lost in Des Plaines on a regular basis when we first moved here over 30 years ago, but practice makes perfect and when people say they can't find their way around town I am always ready with good directions. It's easy to spot the new Sugar Bowl from anywhere in the downtown area and once you're in Metropolitan Square there's still several good places to have lunch, plus excellent grocery shopping at Shop and Save. Des Plaines is also a great transportation hub with a bus route (250) that goes from O'Hare Airport to Evanston and other routes that go to Golf Mill and Woodfield malls. Train service takes you to downtown Chicago and you can be on 294 or 90 in just a few minutes from downtown. Easy transportation is one of the main reasons we moved to Des Plaines years ago. So if you're lost in Des Plaines, just stop at the library - we're right in the middle of town across from the train station so you can't miss us - and ask us for directions!

  2. Good point, Linda - if you're lost in downtown DP, the library is just steps away, so stop in and get some friendly directions (and the cleanest public restrooms around!).


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