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Friday, June 12, 2009

TODAY show: Libraries lend a hand in tough times

Looks like the rest of the country is catching on to something you, our patrons, have known all along - the Library brings you great value, every day! Did you see this segment on the TODAY Show? As our country's economic situation has worsened, one thing remains clear: public libraries are an indispensable part of society. Computers, free wireless Internet, printers, scanners, copy machines, free checkout of entertainment items like books, DVDs and CDs, job assistance programs, great free events for people of all ages and interests, access to dozens of online research tools - you can make a big impact on your budget with a visit to your Library.

Want to get an idea of how much you save when you use the Des Plaines Public Library? Use this "Return on Investment" calculator.

Curious about how much DPPL does every year with your tax dollars? Here are some statistics:
  • 803 programs held in 1008, with over 17,000 adults and children attending;
  • 1,111,558 items circulated in 2008: 725,000+ for adults, almost 386,000 for children;
  • In May 2008, 85,862 items circulated; in May 2009, that number went up more than 13%, to 97,434;
  • 85,271 reference questions were answered last year;
  • 88 public computers and 14 public printers are available, 7 days a week, along with free wireless.
Yes, your tax dollars keep the Library up and running, but if you make use of our resources, you can make that money back in no time and save yourself quite a bit more. Has DPPL made a positive difference on your household's "bottom line?" Tell us how.

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