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Friday, December 17, 2010

And What Should Santa Bring You?

More old-timey Christmas fun from the 1948 Des Plaines Suburban Times. It's fascinating to read the lists of what local children wanted for Christmas that year - their requests seem so simple, old-fashioned and utterly charming. Two year old Ricky wants a "beep-beep" - a toy car, perhaps? And he's got new puppies to give away! He's also got a smile that won't quit.

Diane is another little cutey and selfless, too - she's mostly concerned about getting a gift for her Sunday school teacher. I picture her being a great mom later in life, since she loved the stuffing out of her "Dy-Dee Doll." 

Pam must have been especially good since Santa made a special delivery with her new bike. She's not shy, though, so she's going for an electric train and doll buggy, too. Go for it, Pam! :') And we hope your brother's homecoming was a joyful one. 1948 - 62 years ago! If you know any of these folks, we'd love to know if they're still here in Des Plaines and if they have memories of talking to the Suburban Times about their wish lists.

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