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Monday, December 20, 2010

Season's Greetings - From The Advertising Department

Continuing the trip back through time, here are some local holiday-themed advertisements from the 1957 Des Plaines Suburban Times.

Practical jokes + Christmas = two ideas I don't normally put together. Hmmm. Did you ever patronize the Correspondence Shop? What else did they sell besides practical jokes and "correspondence?" Enlighten us, please!

I'm not sure what the cartoon has to do with "the pleasures of Christmas," but it's actually a pretty funny joke. I wonder how many women these days are looking for a man who is square...It appears that in the late 1950s, the place to shop in Des Plaines was around Algonquin Road. Have any memories of Christmas shopping over there?

In the last year, Des Plaines lost a local landmark, Romano's Restaurant - well, I guess it was lost very briefly and then magically reappeared! Here is their New Year's Eve ad from 1957. Fun, Frolic and Favors for all!

Finally, some festive "vinylite sparklers" from Square Deal Shoe Store, still located right across the train tracks on Miner Street. I wish I could run over there and pick up a pair of these super-retro-cool dress shoes - especially for $6.95!

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