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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Manage to squeeze in any movies between the shopping, eating and football this weekend?

How was the long holiday weekend for you? For many of us, it wasn't really an extended weekend, as we had to return to work on Friday. But either way, perhaps you found a few more hours for family, holiday preparations and fun over the last few days. 

It was hard to ignore football, even for someone like me who is not typically a fan. My high school team, the Driscoll Highlanders of Addison, IL, was unbeaten this year and won their 7th straight state title. Nearer to my present home, the Lake Zurich Bears grabbed the 7A title. And those other Bears surprised us all with an at-home, OT victory over the Broncos. 

But if you didn't catch the drama on the playing fields this weekend, maybe you caught some theatrical drama or comedy at the movies. So let's hear about it - did you watch a holiday favorite like "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" (absolutely my favorite Thanksgiving movie: "THOSE AREN'T PILLOWS!!!") at home or head out to the cineplex for one of the latest films? The top five movies this past weekend were:
  • "Enchanted" - A cartoon princess gets exiled to the harsh realities of life in modern New York, courtesy of Disney. 
  • "This Christmas" -- a holiday-themed family reunion story. I know absolutely nothing about this movie, so if you saw it, enlighten me, please!
  • "Beowulf" - Hanging on from last weekend, a technologically enhanced classic tale.
  • "Hitman" - Hmm. Apparently, this is a movie based on a video game. Again, if you saw it, help me out here, I'd never heard of this movie until I saw it in the top five list!
  • "Bee Movie" - Seinfeld and company remain unstoppable with this animated comedy.
"August Rush" and "The Mist" also opened last week, but even if you hunkered down with an old favorite on DVD, feel free to post your movie reviews here. We'd really love to develop "Monday Morning Movie Mania" into a regular feature, but it's no fun if you don't participate. It's your chance to be an Internet movie reviewer! Have a great week - stay warm out there.


  1. Ben and I saw The Mist - Wowza! Both a jump in your seat horror movie and a chilling commentary on human nature, this Stephen King thriller has a terific cast and an absolutely shocking ending. A small town in Maine is enveloped in a thick mist after a huge storm. A good percentage of the population is in the local grocery store to stock up on supplies when a bleeding man races in with a wild tale of a friend being snatched by something in the fog. Something horrific is out there, but an equal threat is the mob mentality building behind the plate glass. Filmed with almost no music (listen for the Bulgarian Voices towards the end of the movie), and an unusual fade in/fade out camera technique, the film really makes you feel the passing of time and the degenerating situation. Scary and disturbing, by the director of The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption.

  2. Talk about dueling sensibilities. I saw Enchanted and No Country For Old Men. Enchanted was sweet and campy and mildly amusing. The scene of happy, urban wildlife cleaning up for the princess was worth the price of admission.

    No Country for Old Men haunts me yet. It's the perfect blend of location, plot, and acting. Everything is arid, from the landscape to the dialog and to what little humor can be wrung from a story about the natural consequences of greed, however unnatural the acts. No soundtrack added to the authenticity of the action. The last scene, although puzzling, is the perfect ending to this struggle to maintain humanity and understand depravity.


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